Art for booze
Trash auction where professional paintings are exchanged for alcohol
The world's only trash-auction exchange art for drinks
Best avant-gardists from St-Petersburg
Respectable audience
Beautiful well-heeled guests, who are well versed in art. Or not.
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On the 6th of July the sensational auction "Art for booze" will be held in Saint Petersburg, and 10 August - in Moscow. The performance organized by the artistic union "Dramatic office" became one of the most mind-blowing events in the Russian underground life in 2015. It was obvious for all participants that the auction should be held on a regular basis. Unfamiliar rules and unusual form of the event sparked interest not only in Saint Petersburg.
Rools of the club
The key aspect of the auction is that the initial price of the painting is the bottle from the bar chosen by the artist. The bid step is "one drink" – the cost of the same drink in the bar. Thus, we demonstrate that people are easier to spend money on a party, rather than a work of art.
24 influential Saint Petersburg avant-gardists will take part in the auction this year, such as, Malevich "granddaughter" Svatlana Zvirkunova, the participant of the "Magic artists" movement Nikolay Vasilyev, the author of the much-talked-of "famous painters' cats" Andrey Sikorski and Evgeni Butenko, whose crazy paintings became prints for the underground Chanel collection. The full list of artists here.

Experienced art dealers from Moscow and famous private collectors captivated by the opportunity to purchase genuine paintings in extraordinary atmosphere during friendly conversation with the artists were spotted among the buyers. For instance, Alexander Andrushenko, Yuri Molodkovec, Eduard Matushkin and art dealer Rimma Kirilllova. However, not only head-liners of art history could take part in this one-of-a-kind performance. For example, "Still life with the ceramic vase" and "White city" by Sasha Ovchinnikova were won by the Saint Petersburg TV channel journalist. And the tape art by Nikolay Vasilyev "Stairway to Kremlin" was taken by the anonymous member of Presidential Executive Office.
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